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Setting up a Commonplace Book

If you're setting up a Commonplace book, the first thing to consider is how to go about it. Analog or Digital? Do you want to write it all down in a book, or use something like Evernote?

Now you know I'm a stationery addict and a huge geek, so I'm going to set mine up in my new Doctor Who Tardis notebook. If you want to know more about what notebooks and other tools you could use to make a Commonplace Book, go check out my Bullet Journal series here.

Once you've chosen a notebook you want to make a pretty cover :) I'm going to base mine on the famous Tardis quote "Bigger on the inside", which is quite appropriate really because the book will contain a universe of knowledge.

The next thing to do on the first inside page is to date the Commonplace Book, so you know the period each book covers. After that comes the index. Once you go through a couple of books it'll be next to impossible to know what information is where, so by numbering the book pages, and then setting up an index it'll be much easier to find information you need to refer to. I've set aside six pages in Tardis Commonplace book for indexing.

Some people have also included a keyword section so you can note down keywords for each entry, and then have an index for that so you can find things in another way. I haven't set mine up for that system, it could get tricky, especially if the keywords will be out of alphabetical order if you keyword as you go.

So what's next? Start filling in your commonplace book, but of course that's a whole other blog post :)

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