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Yes, it's been a while...

Hi there,

Yes, it's been a while since I posted...but I have a good excuse. We packed up our lives in Wellington, New Zealand. And moved back home, down south, to Dunedin, New Zealand.

It was a long nine months since making the decision, which basically involved renovating our house in Wellington, finding a buyer for our house there, then packing up our lives all while desperately searching for a new house in Dunedin. And a miracle came true, we quickly found our dream house, flew down to Dunedin the next day to look at it. We immediately made an offer on it, and it was accepted the same day.

After nine long, busy weeks later (which included three weeks of sickness from both me and hubby), we moved into our new house in Dunedin. It's big and warm and sunny, and has a great garden, and most amazingly it has a great conservatory/dining room which will be great for curling up and reading a good book :)

I'm just getting back into writing now, I'll post soon about what I'm concentrating on at the moment. Hopefully the next blog post won't be as far apart as the previous ones.


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