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Out and About: Star Wars - A New Hope, In Concert

On Saturday hubby and I went to Star Wars - A New Hope, in concert with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. The movie and concert was part of the New Zealand Festival, and we bought our tickets as soon as they came out over six months ago.

Now you know I'm a huge geek, if it involves science fiction or fantasy, I'm there for it - and I'm so so glad that we went. From the opening strains of the 20th Century Fox introduction at the beginning of the movie, to the last notes as the credits finished, seeing it on the big screen with the orchestra playing it live, it was truly awesome. It was magical and it sucked me right into the movie, and at times I forgot that the music wasn't being played live.

And the orchestra loved playing it, sure they were concentrating to do the movie and the score justice, but there was joy on their faces as they played the iconic music.

After a forty year embargo of playing the entire score live, it was an honor and a joy to be there for it.

Ear worm of the week: Hi-Lo by Evanescence

TV show of the week: Star Trek Voyager Season 1 (Captain Janeway is a bad ass)

Movie of the week: Star Wars - A New Hope

What I'm reading this week: Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

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