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Weather - Winter Storm 13 July 2017

We live in the city of Wellington, in the North Island of New Zealand, down near the Cook Strait.

And the horrible thing about the layout of Wellington and the Cook Strait is that we get high winds (really, really high winds) whenever a storm happens. And late last week, on the 13th of July we had one hell of a winter storm from the South. Out in the Cook Strait wind gusts peaked at 167 km/hour and had wave heights of 12 m, which is typical for an American category 3 tropical hurricane.

Here at home we had high winds and rain for 3 days, so I thought I'd share with you what it's like. Just after this footage was taken, the tree in the first video had one of the main branches snapped off, and luckily it didn't take out our phone/internet line. Our basement also flooded with all the rain.

But the sun is out now, so it's all good, well at least until the next Southerly winter storm that is being predicted for next week...

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